Empties August 2017

Hey Everyone,

It has been such a long time since I made an empties post. Sadly I don’t have much to show but I am not worried as any progress on my collection is good!


Products I would Repurchase:
I have finally finished my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and I am a little sad! If I am in need of another brow pencil I would not think twice about getting this. The Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser is something I have used multiple times and go back to it when I am not sure what I want.


Would not Repurchase:
I was not in love with either of the Essence Mascaras, I found they did not last on my lashes. Lovestruck is a great perfume, its just not a scent that I like to wear anymore. Plus I have so many other perfumes to work through.


Would Repurchase if I had the $$$$:
I have loved Estee Lauder skin care for a long time and it pains me to be without these two products. My skin changes so much when I stop using them so I cannot wait for the next gift with purchase where I can hopefully get more samples. I enjoyed using the Dior Capture Totale but unless I had some gift cards I can not justify this moisturiser.

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Estee Lauder – Advanced Night Repair

This a product that I have been using for years but don’t really talk about because of the price. The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair is something that I use every day, morning and night, as a part of my skin care routine.

About three years ago, Mum took me into Myer, to Estee Lauder and literally asked them to fix my face, my skin was dry, super red cheeks and just not having a good time. When we went Estee Lauder was having a gift with purchase (spend $70 and you get a bag full of goodies) which is what we did! I got many other things that I also still use today.


One thing I will say is that in my 3 years of using this product, I have only ever bought the full size once! And the only reason I bought it, is because one of the Myers near where I live was having little gift bags, where they put 3-4 full-size products in a bag, and then 4-5 sample sizes products in there as well to increase the value. In this bag came the full size of this, which I was glad for as it meant that I could refill my deluxe sample size containers.

For many years I have only been using the deluxe sample sizes that came with my gift with purchases. I never ran out for 2.5 years! This shows that you don’t have to purchase the full product to still be able to use it! Now I won’t lie, I do have an advantage in that my Mum also uses a lot of Estee Lauder products, the Youth Dew perfume is her scent so when she is close to running out, she waits and gives me the bag only taking what she wants. So I have my own bags and hers, but even then, last year I decided to give one of my friends a whole heap of samples because I simply wasn’t using them.

Now that I have the full size, I can say that I am not a huge fan of the packaging, I feel like I would use too much of it at once as it is a syringe(?) type applicator, where you put it in the pot and squeeze the cap and it sucks up the product. Sorry, seriously can’t remember the proper word for it! Either way, with this form of packaging I knew I would be using too much on my skin. To stop this, I just transfer the product to the sample size! This makes me feel like I have more control over how much I use which I’m thankful for.

In the image above, the product on the right is the deluxe sample size, and this would honestly last me maybe 3-4 months of daily use. I try not to use too much because I always want this to last so I wouldn’t run out. Now that I have a couple backups and the full size I am a little less restricted, that being said though, I still concentrate this on my nose (I have a crease in my nose from the way I sleep) and a wrinkle near my mouth (I bite my cheeks, nervous habit… Mum was right! It did give me wrinkles!) otherwise I will just gently massage this all over my face.

On the Estee Lauder website it suggests using several drops, depending on how big your face is, you might, but I only use a couple and a pea sized amount on my finger. This is because I do have oily skin and I don’t want to put too many things on my skin under my foundation. At night though I might be a little more heavy handed as I will only be going to bed.

The big question, do I think this product is worth $95AUD for the 30mL or $140AUD for the 50mL… I don’t know, and I only say this because I have survived so long WITHOUT having to actually pay for the product. But if they did pull the product out of their gift bags (touch wood) I think I would probably cry, but then go out and buy it. But I would also go out and try and find something a bit cheaper, and only use this on my two wrinkles. Because this product DOES help reduce them, I have seen a change in my skin when I stop using this, or when I start to bite my cheeks a lot and the wrinkle deepens, this product does help even things out.

So overall, if you want to try this, wait until a gift with purchase, I normally get a new foundation and concealer and this bumps me over the $70. Otherwise, ask for samples, a while ago I got handed heaps, and I gave them to my friends. They have since told me they deposited them into a small container and using them that way!

What do you guys think of this product?

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