Shanghai Lil and The Scarlet Fez Soap Review!

Hey Everyone!

It sure has been a while since I talked about this amazing brand. I have since had the chance to start using these beautiful soaps! I collect soaps, so that is why it has taken me so long to getting around to these, but here I am so lets get into it.

My first impression on this amazing brand can be found here.


At the moment these are still the only two soaps that I own from Shanghai Lil but I will, without a doubt, be getting more the next time I go shopping. I am sorry but I haven’t taken photos of the soap, so please take my word for it that they are beautiful.

I have now used soap in the scent Riviera Escapade which is described as a Classic Lavender & Citrus scent, I can honestly say that I have never smelt a soap before that has calmed me down in the way this soap has. When I first smelt it, I had been a bit stressed about everyone, after taking a whiff of this I calm right down. Straight away this soap was a winner in my books, from there I knew without a doubt that I would love this soap throughout its use. Of course, I was right, I have almost used this up and I seriously need another one.

I am currently using Winter field which has a Bracing Lavender & Rosemary scent and I find that I am not in love with the scent as much as my first one. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like it though, it’s just when I shop next I will repurchase the first one instead. It has been good trying this one because I had forgotten what it was like when I first opened the packaging! These soaps are amazing the whole way through but you do have to make sure that you keep the soap wet otherwise it can drag/ stick to your skin a little. Nothing serious but something to keep in mind!

Although I love the scent of these soaps, it is not actually my favourite aspect, my favourite part is how much it lathers when I use it. For me, this lathers perfectly, its not too much that I can’t see my skin through it, but it is enough, that when I shave, I know exactly where I have been. When the soap is nearly finished, I have found that it holds its integrity  pretty well. By this I mean that even though the soap is almost non-existant, it is still relatively easy to use and get a really nice lather. I have had other soaps in the past where once it got to a certain size it was just not worth my time.

Shanghai Lil’s Cold Pressed Soaps are honestly some of the bests soaps I have used in a long time. I cannot recommend their soaps enough. When I am shopping next I will make sure to try and step out of my Lavender zone. I am hoping that the others are just as good as the first ones I have tried!

What have you tired from Shanghai Lil? Let me know below!

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Chloe Jane Candle Co. Haul!

Hey Everyone!

Today I have a candle post for you all, it is well and truly winter now in Australia, so I have been cracking out all the candles! I am also always on the hunt for good candles. I preferably like to get indie brand candles because I want to support those trying to build their business!

Recently, Chloe Jane Candle Co. had a sale so I jumped right on it! Chloe Jane Candle Co is an Adelaide based company! Right away I knew I had to get on board and try some of these awesome candles!


These were the two scents that I picked up! I went with a trusty favourite Green Tea & Lemongrass and thought I would give Strawberries & Moscato a try because, why not?

I am loving the cute little inspiration quote on this card! It was unexpected but an amazing touch. On the back of the card are care instructions, for example burn time and preferred wick length.


I have yet to burn Green Tea & Lemongrass but I cannot wait until I do! Lemongrass is just a relaxing scent to me so I am hoping I will really enjoy this candle! When I take the lid off and have a whiff the scent is really strong. I don’t detect the green tea so much, but I am not too fazed because I mainly bought this for the lemongrass smell.

The card to the left has a description of what the scent is and I simply love it!

Refresh (Green Tea Lemongrass)

Bright and uplifting, refresh is a zesty blend of lemongrass, green tea and safe (with just a hint of ginger). Smells like; hurrying through the fresh food market with a goal in mind. Calling out your order of herbs to the lady who’s been there since 4am, and getting it within the blink of an eye. Sitting down, having a cup of tea, looking over your (?). Cooking up an asian feast when you get home, and finishing with a sparkling kitchen and some very content, very full friends. Happy Friday!


I have burnt Strawberries & Moscato a few times now and I really enjoy it! In the pot I can smell the moscato more than the strawberries, but both scents work well together to create a sweet smelling candle. Although the scent is strong in the pot, this has a more subtle burning scent, but I have only had this lit in our living area which is open plan. It will be interesting to see how this goes in a smaller area. I am so glad that I decided to pick this candle because I am really enjoying it!

Glamour (Strawberries Moscato)

Strawberries and moscato work together in this candle to create a magical, girly mix that is both sweet and tart. Smell like; getting read for a girl’s night out. Taking selfies and sipping bubbly before you move onto cocktails and wonderful (terrible) dancing. Getting the first taxi that you see, skipping the queue at the cool new bar that everyone’s talking about and going home at the exact right moment- happy, lively, young and free.

I have found that these burn beautifully and cleanly. My candles have had zero problems burning to the edge which is always important. I enjoy how the candles have a wooden lid, but I will blow out the candle and quickly shut the lid to keep the smoke contained. I wont ‘blow out’ the candle by using the lid because I’m afraid of it burning or damaging the lid.

I will probably buy more from Chloe Jane Candle Co. in the future for a few reasons. I am really enjoying the scents and its scent throw! It is hard to find nice candles that aren’t too expensive. I will also repurchase because Chloe Jane Candle Co. is from Adelaide! We Adelaidians’ need to stick together and help each other grow!

I have no doubt that I will be able to repurpose these pots once I have finished burning the candle. I have no idea what I will use them for, but I am sure I will think of something!

Price: $20 (I got mine on sale for $16)

Just before I go, I want to mention how amazing the shipping was! These were packed perfectly with lots of foam and crate paper. There was even confetti tapped to the box and thrown inside!

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Femme Fatale Cosmetics Haul / Swatch Post! (First Shop)

Hey Guys!

Get ready for a looooong post because I have 15 eyeshadow pigments from Femme Fatale Cosmetics. This is an Australian Brand that is based in Brisbane and their products are amazing! (I also have more on the way because of their recent collection, so get ready for that post.)

My order came quickly and I am so happy and impressed with how it was packaged. Everything was tightly packed together and it all arrived to me undamaged and looking fabulous. I received 6 samples and I love every shade.

One problem I had is that some of the pigments are just so hard to photograph! They will have a duo chrome shift and I just could not capture it. If you aren’t comfortable with my swatch don’t hesitate to rely on Femme Fatale’s, as they are what I originally used when I placed my order. They have done a great job photographing these amazing shades.

You will notice two patches of swatches on my hands. The bottom swatch is built up to show what the colour looks like, the top swatch is sheerer to show what the pigment looks like with one swipe.

Another note while editing this for the who knows how many-th time, I ordered these pigments at the start of April and have been using them since then. Feature photos will  come from my second beauty Instagram account Niji_me_.

Either way, grab a drink, bring a snack and be prepared for many shadows!


Candied Apple

First up this would have to be my favourite shade out of probably all the ones I have picked up. I couldn’t be in more love with it if I tried. As soon as I opened it and swatched it, I knew I had to get in on my face. I am so glad in this photo you can see the green shift in the shadow.

Under Lord

This is my second favourite shadow, because I mean look at how pretty this shade is! I find this shade does bruise but that doesn’t change how much I love this shadow. Again you can see in the top swatch the shift that is in this pigment! If you love dark shadows, this is one for you!


This is a beautiful pink based pigment with a green/gold shift. I am sorry that I’m not the best at description! Sadly this photo does not do the shift of this shadow justice, but it does show how beautifully pink this shadow is. I prefer to use this as a topper sort of shadow because it is a lighter and sheerer colour.


I picked up this shade because I wanted to see what some of Femme Fatales more neutral shadows were like! That being said, this still have a beautiful shimmer to this that isn’t over-powering. Inscribe is a shade that will look amazing as both a sheer wash of colour and built up on the lid.

Nether Mancer

I had a thing for purples in this haul, and I have no regrets. This is a beautiful purple shadow with a blue shift. I think I have worn this before and it lasted amazingly well! I didn’t find any bruising which is always good! While it is beautiful it is a harder shade to build, so I prefer to layer this shadow!

Demon Soul

Ahh, a black shadow to go with my soul. I haven’t had the chance to use this yet, but I am super excited to! Again this shadow has a shift, but you cannot see if very clearly in this photo. Demon Soul has a green and purple shift, I LOVE how this looks and I am super excited to get the chance to use this.

Dream State

I feel that this photo doesn’t give this shadow justice, as I sit here writing this post with a swatch on my hand it just isn’t the same. Dream State is a bold shadow that looks amazing! The blue shimmer is strong in this shadow and its amazing, I haven’t had a chance to use this shadow but I am sure when I do I will just love it more.


I LOVE this shadow, a deep brown with a teal shift. I think ‘ahhh’ when I look at this shade because I now how easy it is to use and how beautiful it is on the eye. This is another shadow that you can use as a sheer wash or build up for a solid colour. I can see myself using through this colour pretty well.


My photo of Dispersion doesn’t really give the shadow justice. The top swatch sort of gives you and idea of how the shift looks, but the shift is so much stronger in real life. My photo gives you a better look at the base colour of this shadow, which is still beautiful and should be kept in mind.


Spectral Fragments

Another one of my favourites, hands down, I used this in one of my makeup looks. I haven’t used this much outside of that look so far but I know I will! This is another shade that bruises you can see that in the eye look photo above. The colour all over my lid is Spectral Fragments, even though this bruised I love this shade. My photo clearly shows the shift of this colour and I am soooo thankful because it is truly beautiful. The undertone that sort of comes through is better seen in my look post but it still looks amazing! As I said, it’s still one of my favourites.

Deep Moss

My top swatch shows how this colour shifts pretty well and the bottom swatch shows what it looks like when it bruises. I find that I love the colour of this shade but find that it does not preform as pigmented as some of the other shades. I still love this shade and I’m sure I  will get lots of use out of it, but I probably wont reach for it as often.

Night in Werewolf Woods

My only disappointment in the pigments I picked up is this one, as you can see it just didn’t swatch the best. Even swatching it on the back of my hand reminds me of that. This is a shadow that looks BEAUTIFUL in the pan but it just doesn’t work as well as the others. If you really want this shade I would say get it in a sample size first and see how you go from there.


Another shade that builds beautifully and also works as a sheer wash. My swatch photo is what Marauders looks like built up. The shift in this is a lot lighter than the base colour which gives this colour an amazing contrast. I don’t know if this shade bruises though. I can see myself using this more as a topper shade than by itself, but either way I’m glad I have it.

Sugar Rush

First up I don’t know why my swatch is looking a lot more pink based here than in real life. In real life it leans more purple and its beautiful. The shift is teal and goes with the purple perfectly. Again this is another shade that works well as a topper but can also be built up so that the purple base can be seen better. I enjoy using this shade in my inner corner!

Carnival of Horrors

I am in love with this shade, but I think I am yet to put this on my face. The top swatch shows the shift that this colour has beautifully. The bottom swatch shows the base of the shade and I am so glad that I managed to get this shot. I feel like this would be a shadow that will bruise, but the base is a lovely neutral so that wont bother me! I will let you know what it’s like when I wear it.

And thats it! I am sure I will have another haul soon because I bought the whole Faraway Collection. If you want to have a look at the collection heres a link to it:

If there are any shades that you want to see swatches or a look including that shade, let me know and I will get on it when they arrive.

Which shades are your favourite or which ones would you recommend? Let me know below. 🙂

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Bitchinskin Body Scrub~*!

Hey Guys!

Today I am talking all about this body scrub that I was lucky enough to receive from an event! I am always on the lookout for new body scrubs as I use them regularly as a part of my shower routine! (explained in this post)

I am going to go over a few things in this post, such as how I felt about the product and how and why I decanter it! So get ready!


Here is what the BitchinSkin looks like in all its glory! This is the front of the packaging and I find that I like how simple and straight to the point it is. It brings things back to the basics without being plain and I really enjoy that.


This is the start of what is on the back of the packaging. I didn’t take an overview shot because I wanted to go through all the sections and talk through them and felt that an overview didn’t give it justice. As you can see this is at the top of the product and is a nice quick and simple explanation of what the scrub is meant to do!

Hello, meet BitchinSkin

The body scrub exploding with good stuff to brighten, purify, smooth and tone. I’ll dig deep to sooth post-workout soreness and target pesky skin conditions such as acne, flakiness & irritation as well as cellulite and wrinkles.

This is something that is right up my ally! Granted I do not use this as a post-workout scrub because honestly, I don’t go to the gym. So I am sorry but I will not be able to comment on how effective this scrub is at helping with post-workout soreness. But as for skin conditions, that is something that I can comment on! As I have mentioned in the past, I have trouble shaving my legs unless I use a scrub. So I was super excited to find out this would help with that!

In these two photos it displays what the main ingredients in the scrub are, as well as the instructions and all the ingredients in general. I like how upfront and no-fuss this information is. Its in big writing so it is easy to see and clearly displayed so you don’t have to hunt around for it.

As you can see the main ingredients are Coconut, Matcha (Green Tea) and Peppermint. This is unsurprising seeing as the scrub is called a Matcha body scrub and when I opened the packaging I got a HUGE whiff of peppermint. I will say that if you are someone that dislikes the smell of peppermint, you will NOT like this scrub. I am not a huge fan of the smell, but I can get by with it. So that is why I am giving that caution.


You might be wondering why I de-potted this, and the reason is simple, because I wanted to get as much use out of this scrub as I could! I was a little worried about using the packaging with wet hands so it just felt natural to put it in a different pot! I used a spoon to get everything out and I really scrapped around to get it! As you can see it filled up this pot really nicely and I am glad! Once I was finished shoveling it out into the pot I was glad I had transferred it because I know I would have missed out on so much product!

For my actual review I will write this in two parts, because like a noob I didn’t actually read the instructions until it came to taking these photos! I used it incorrectly the first time, but I still want to comment on it because I am sure I’m not the only one who has done that!

First AttemptMildly failed attempt

So, the first time I used this just like I would any other scrub, I jumped in the shower cubical and started scrubbing away! I found that using it this way did make it hard to spread around my leg. I didn’t really like the texture of the scrub and used a lot more than I thought I would need to just scrub my legs. The smell of peppermint was really strong and I wasn’t a super fan. That being said though I did still really like how my skin felt afterwards! But needless to say I am super glad I have read the instructions to use this properly!

Second Attempt = Things made sense

Ahhh, in this case second time was the charm because this time I used the product correctly! I jumped in, shampooed, conditioned and then shut off the shower and started scrubbing! Now, let me tell you, this was a totally different experience then the first try! The consistency this time was a lot easier to work with. The product spread out better across my skin, I also found that it was more abrasive this way. This is really important to me as I know this helps my legs in the long run! As I run my hands up and down my leg a day after, I find that my leg is still pretty hair free. Which is excellent because in the past it has been known to grow back by evening!

I noticed the smell was a lot less concentrated using it this way, another thing I was thankful for! I noticed as well that the product went a lot further on my body. I probably did my arms and legs with the same amount as I had just used on my legs in the first try.

On my arms I really liked this as well! I concentrated it on the top half because I do have some skin issues there as well. I felt that it did a great job! But when I stepped out of the shower to let the scrub rest on my skin, my arms did feel tighter? I’m not really sure, but I could have just been imagining things from scrubbing so hard! Even now (roughly a week later while editing this post again) my arms are still feeling super smooth and not bumpy. I think I will save this scrub for my arms, because I have noticed an actual difference in my skin quality and that is amazing!

Overall my second attempt at using this scrub was a lot more promising than the first attempt. Please remember that it was totally my own fault but I thought I would still add it in because it did affect my initial thought on the scrub. I am glad though that I used it properly because I find I really do enjoy using this!

Let me know if there are other scrubs out there you would like me to try!

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~* indicated received at a blogger event

Shanghai Lil & The Scarlet Fez

Hey Guys!

Today I am going to be talking about a brand that was made it our own backyard of Adelaide! I had the pleasure of meeting Mark who is the owner of this brand at the Bloggers United AU Adelaide Event! Shanghai Lil was one of my favourite presenters and I didn’t wait long before I went out and got more of their products! One of my favourite things about this brand is the packaging.


This is the lip balm that I received from the BU event. I was so happy to see one of the lip balms in the bag! I have a huge love for lip balms and I am always trying to find my next favourite. As you can see the flavour of lip balm that I got was Raspberry Royale~* I have been using this a lot and I love the smell of it. I didn’t know if I truly would because I am not a huge fan of Raspberries but this is amazing and I am so glad that I have this.


Because I loved the original lip balm that I got so much I went and got more! I had originally smelt Jersey Caramel at the event and I knew that I needed it in my life. I LOVE the smell of this lip balm. I know that when I run out I will be getting another one. The second one I got was Caramelised Fig, I didn’t originally have the intention of getting this one but once I smelt it in store I knew that I needed it as a part of my collection. I haven’t used this one much but I know that I will get around to using it.


The last two things that I picked up were soaps. I love collecting and using blocks of soap so once I smelt these I knew that I had to get some. There was on in particular that I wanted to get but I don’t remember what it was called. I know it wasn’t one of the ones I picked up but I know I will get around to finding it again the future. There is a theme with the two soaps that I picked up and that is the scent of Lavender. The two that I picked up were Classic Lavender & Citrus and Bracing Lavender and Rosemary. I love lavender scented things and I am seriously looking forward to using these.

When I actually getting around to opening them I will make sure I take a photo! I would have opened them but that would have ruined the packaging and seeing as I am not using them straight away I am going to wait. But I do remember the soaps looking just as pretty as the packaging so I can’t wait to see what they look like inside!

I think the next thing I want to try is their mists. Have you tried any of their products? Let me know what I should get in my next shop.

If you guys want to check out other products created by Shanghai Lil or even want to purchase the items that I have talked about in this post. Head on over to: Shanghai Lil’s Website!

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I hope to see you next time!


~* Indicates received at a Blogger Event