OOTD Bride’s Maids Day

Hey Everyone,

I have been asked to be a Brides Maid for one of my best friends, so that means many occasions where we go out and look at different things and discus what the Bride wants. Recently we went out as a group to the venue that they have picked. We hadn’t seen it before and the weather was perfect for a venture out to the site.

The lighting was just too perfect and so I asked Caitlan from Sass Social to take photos (she is also the beautiful Bride to be ❤ )

I tend to have a pretty casual style of dress, the ‘Queen of Casual’ as I have been called by my mother (too many times). So today was no exception.



Jacket: Brave Soul Biker Pu Jacket (Purchased on ASOS)
Shirt: Target Mens V-neck Black
Scarf: Princess Highway
Jeans: Jeans West Curve Hugging Skinny Leg Black
Sunglass: Ray Bans Aviators

I only recently got this jacket and I am so in love with it. It was on sale when I purchased it so I am unsure whether or not you will still be able to get this jacket if you are interested in it. Also I could not resist taking a photo in front of a woolie bush! I miss my photo background bush at my parents place!

Of course, this wouldn’t be a post by me without a goofy photo, so queue for a ‘in action’ shot:


Because I can never take myself seriously while trying to pose.

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Bullet Journalling

Hey Everyone,

Since the start of the year I decided to try a new style of planning, the Bullet Journal system (link provided will take you to the creators website which provides a run down of the system). Its a very simple system that can be adapted to met individual needs. I have personally found that since changing to this system I am better organised, more productive and even in a better mental state as I have learnt to lean on my journal.

This post is about my progress in learning what does and does not work for me. It is also to show that you don’t have to make an artistic flashy journal like what is common on social media. Or that it even has to be neat, as long as it make sense to you, thats all that matters.


This spread is how I first stated in my Bujo (Bullet Journal), I wanted it to be minimalistic because to me, if I couldn’t use it at a drop of a hat, it wasn’t worth my time. I didn’t want my Bujo to be something I had to work at with washi, coloured pens and be super arty. I just wanted it to function. I used washi on the side of the page on monthly spreads to make them easier to find. When I started, this was about as colourful as it got.


One of my favourite pages in my Bujo, this is from when my partner and I were at a shrine in Japan earlier this year. I was doing daily pages and so could fill a whole page just about what we were doing and where we went. I adore this page, because it is something I would normally have lost, but now, its forever in this journal and I will remember how nervous I was about going up to get it written in my book.


Ahh, trackers, something that works for a lot of people, and at the time, was working for me! I have been struggling with my general state of mind, hence why the tacker on the right and then general health and spending on the left! I have now found that I am just hopeless at tracking and that it doesn’t really affect my habits. Does this bother me? Not in the slightest! All it means is that I don’t have to worry about ruling up these pages in my next monthly spread. You can also see all of my mistakes on the left with trying to seperate weeks. I didn’t realise when looking at my phone that the week started on a Sunday, whereas I mentally start weeks on a Monday. At the time I was angry with myself because I couldn’t get it right, but now it doesn’t mater! This is what makes the Bujo so flexible and easy, it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake, because only you see it and it will only bother you if you let it.


Ahh, colour, stickers and change! I have found that as I have grown more comfortable with relying on my Bujo, I am both taking more pride in it, as well as trying new things, so adding colour to my monthly pages is a no brainer. I set it up once, use colour, and thats that! No need to take 10+ pens with me on the daily because its all done for me. At the end of this post I will link the Etsy stores for the stickers used in case you are interested.

Now, July, and I could not be happier with how much my Bujo is coming along. I am now using themes! Which feels a little crazy, but I am loving it. You will also see that I am now doing a monthly page, J for July, I started this in June and found that it worked well with how I wanted to set out my pages. For the next 3 months my Bujo will follow the theme of Hogwarts houses, July having been Gryffindor for Harry Potters birthday! August will be Slytherin, September Hufflepuff (start of Hogwarts school year and my house) followed by Ravenclaw. Throughout my daily pages I merely write the date in house colour, otherwise everything is still in black pen. Meaning I only need 2 pens max on me if I’m out and travelling.

Recently as apart of one of the many facebook groups I’m apart of, someone suggested a travelling Bullet Journal and I jumped on the idea to be apart of something so cool! I wanted my journal to go international because I really wanted mine to have different languages in it. On the 20th of July the rotation started, but before that we all had to set up our travelling bujo! Below are some of my pages, mostly in-complete because I don’t want sneaky eyes to see the completed look before they receive it! It was interesting for me to see how much effort I put into these pages, and also how I did things differently.


Overall, I adore this style of planning and I am so glad that I tried it and have committed to it. You can use any book that you feel comfortable for this style of planning, I prefer dotted but a lot of other people preferred lined, squared or even blank pages! I personally use the Leuchtturm 1917 for my Bujo. My first bullet journal was the offical one made by Leuchtturm (which I am still working through), but my next one will just be one of their generic dotted journals.

What journals/ dairy systems have you tried? I would love to know!

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1 Year Later…

Hey Everyone,

After reading Pastel Sparkles post about removing her contraceptive implant I knew I wanted to make an update regardong my two posts, My life with Endometriosis and 6 Week Check-up. Sarah mentions how little information there is on implants and because mine is different, I felt like it was a good time to talk about my own experiences.

1 year later and it has been a bit of a roller coaster. I quickly got used to the idea of not needing a pill everyday to keep me protected from getting pregnant and helping with my pain levels. It DID take me a bit to get used to the idea of feeling a piece of string inside me during intimate moments.  But alas, I am no longer bothered by the Mirenas presence in my life.

If you have not looked back before reading this post (and I don’t blame you) I have Endometriosis and to help delay the symptoms I had the Mirena IUD (US site) implanted during my most recent surgery. I was made aware of a lot of things before going into the surgery, and decided it was the best thing for me at this moment in my life.

How has it affected me?

Overall, for the better, most days I do not feel pain, which is amazing and I am so thankful for that.

Do I still get my period?

Yes, its similar to how it was while on the pill, but the pain is like before the pill. Painful to the point where I feel sick and don’t want to move. I am still coming to terms with the fact that I have to deal with that pain. I am taking pain meds when needed, but otherwise, yea. 

I have since had a check up and have been encouraged to see a specalist, as being in that much pain during a period while on the Merina is not normal. So I shall report back on that when I have had the chance to experiment.

Did I gain any weight?

Maybe, but I also feel like if I did gain weight, it wasn’t much, as all of my clothes still fit. I do look at myself a bit differently in the mirror though.

Mood swings?

Hell. Yes. But as I have been going through a lot on the last few months, so I do not think I can fully place the blame on the Mirena. No one has outright said something to me, but there have been times where I have apologised to my BF for my wild moods.

How is that libido?

So. Much. Better.


I am happy that I switched to the Mirena, I do not think the Pill was best for me anymore. While I still think that my body is adapting to the Mierna, I am happy with how I feel in general because of it. I am in less pain, feel better as a person and am enjoying not having to take a pill everyday. Although I really wish my period pain wasn’t so intense.

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My recent experience with Sephora Online

Hey Everyone,

I just want to start this post off with saying my issues are with the Australian version of Sephora not America, my two experiences with the in-store Sephora’s in America were fine.

This all started with the 20% off sale that Sephora had for Black Card members. I jumped on that and invited a friend to join in on my order. That was all fine and my package arrived on time, and thats about where the fun ended as my order was half WRONG.

Thankfully the thing that I had gotten for my friend was fine, so I could give that to her and that wasn’t something I had to stress about.


So, I sent this photo both to my friends and Sephora when they asked for a photo of what I received. In this photo you can clearly see what is wrong. I got brushes instead of my Tarte Sampler pack and a POWDER foundation instead of a LIQUID foundation.

So you know, I did the right thing and sent an email to Sephora asking for the correct products, gave them my order number and what I had got rather then what I had ordered.

A week later I finally got a reply and they asked for a photo and a list of what I was meant to get. So I did that and I tried to point out that I didn’t order the powder foundation but the liquid. As you can clearly see in this photo that there are two liquid foundation on my order not a powder and liquid.

After I fire off that email, I don’t hear anything for over a week, and then out of no where I get a text message that I will be expecting an order from Sephora in the next few days. Queue some drama with Aus Post but ah well, my friend managed to get my package for me Tuesday afternoon.



There is a theme of getting my orders half wrong apparently, because this time my Tarte item came, which I love and I can’t wait to use. But once again the foundation I was after did not arrive. They sent me the powder foundation again! Even though I had asked for the liquid version and was told that if they didn’t have my shade in stock I would be refunded.

I have sent off another email letting them know that I have gotten the wrong order and sent them a unedited photo of the picture above. So we shall see what happens now, I will make sure to post an update when I find out.


I got a refund for the foundation.

So yea, I don’t think I will ever order from Sephora online again, because this is just beyond ridiculous in regards to getting my order right.

Let me know what your experiences have been.

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6 Week Check-up

Hey Everyone,

I thought that I would just update you all on what is happening since I had my surgery. If you are unsure what I’m talking about, please have a look at this post before continuing with this post.

A lot has happened, but not at the same time.

This post is again, going to get a bit personal, because this is a personal topic.

One thing I do want to mention that re-reading my previous post I did not is the topic of fertility. Endometriosis isn’t proven to make a woman infertile. But in this case I seriously think it does affect a woman’s ability to have children. While I was having my surgery I asked my doctor to test how things are running in that regard. I am pleased to report that I CAN have children. Which I cannot express how thankful I am to hear that news. The sad part though, is that it is most likely that I will need help, which is fine, but still disheartening.

I just wanted to add that in this post because I know that I was FREAKING out about not being able to have children. I am so glad that I now know that I still can and if you are like me and unsure, PLEASE go get checked out. (You might also have the super interesting experiences of peeing BLUE.)

Physical Differences

I am in a lot less pain than I used to be. Which ultimately is what I wanted going into all of this and I am so thankful. I am not totally out of the woods yet though, there are still days where I have huge pain spikes. But overall I am a lot better which I am unbelievably thankful for. I have yet to have a period, which is a little weird. My body has TRIED though, so that is something. If I don’t have another period for the next 5 years I sure wont complain!

All of my scars are healing up really well! I had 3 incisions, one in my belly button, one on my hair line and one to the left of my belly button. The one in my belly button is impossible to find, which is so cool! The one on my hair line is healing perfectly and isn’t raised at all which I am thankful for. The Doctor went through the same whole as last time so I don’t have a new scar which was thoughtful of her. The last one to the left honestly just reminds me of the freckle that I have on the other side of my stomach haha!

Mental Differences

Ok, this is where things get more complicated. I have been going through a rollercoaster of things that I don’t realise until I can reflect on my behaviour. I am sure people around me can probably attest to some of the things I will say but oh well. I am sorry!

The first week, I thought I was fine, I wasn’t. I made silly mistakes at work and was all over the place. I didn’t even know I had made mistakes until they were pointed out to me later. I don’t really make mistakes at work so that was a bit worrying. Also that week I had a Uni Essay due and before surgery I honestly thought I would be fine and I didn’t need extra time or anything. At 1pm the day it was due I practically had a breakdown and had to ask for an extension. This was my first real inclination that I was going through something because of the contraception.

From there I have been  either really ‘down’, my ‘normal’ or really happy. But they all come in extremes. Mostly though, I have been feeling down and I cannot explain it but it’s affecting me in everything I do. As you would have noticed, I haven’t posted many blog posts since then, nor have I been active on my Instagram. I have even been neglecting my fiction writing!!!

I THINK I am getting there, I can feel myself returning to my form of ‘normal’ which I am so thankful for! I want to get back into blogging and talking to everyone within the community. I am super excited for the new Instagram Update, I can’t wait to interact with you all more through that medium. So if you are ever interested in finding out what I actually sound like be sure to stalk me on Instagram!


Overall, I am honestly on the right track. I am working through things, but it’s hard to figure out what is what when I am also stressing about my Masters degree. I am thankfully in less pain, which to me, is the most important thing right now. The pain was effecting my life in ways I didn’t realise now that its gone.

Hopefully I get back into the swing of things and you will see me back in the blogging world soon! I have some things planned so look out for them when they appear!

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I hope to see you next time,


My life with Endometriosis!

Hey Everyone,

A post like this probably seems really out of the blue for me, but I felt that it was important to write, because this is something that happens to 1 in 10 woman. Guess what, I’m that 1 and so at the time that my posts normally go up on a Tuesday, I will patiently and nervously be waiting for my surgery to deal with Endometriosis.

Before I continue, most information provided in this post will be from my own experience living with Endometriosis. Please don’t self-disagnose from my post, if you believe you suffer from Endometriosis, please seek out your GP. Please also keep in mind that this post is not all inclusive.

My Personal Back Story

So, I have been aware that I have Endometriosis since I was about 19. I was in pain all the time and I didn’t understand why. I had never heard of Endometriosis at the time and so went to the GP to see if they could help. I had my first ultrasound and that come up with nothing. So off to a Gynaecologist I went, they diagnosed me then and there.  I had my first surgery when I was 19, in this surgery the doctor burnt off the Endometriosis (I have now heard that this might not be the best solution, but I’m not a doctor so don’t take what I say for absolute fact).  It has obviously been a long time since then, so I am going back again Tuesday 21st June 2016.

I am someone that suffers pain 24/7 because of Endometriosis, but like with most pain related issues, I have good days and bad days. I can only describe the pain (for woman) as period pain but slightly different. For guys (if you do read this post) its like being constantly stabbed in the pelvis all day everyday. Not fun.

Useful Information

Endometriosis Australia is a site that provides information about what can be expected. It also provides information about Endometriosis and support groups, fellow bloggers and events that you might wish to attend. One thing I like about this page is that there is a facts sections. It lists 10 facts that I think are important to understand, I wont list all of them, just a few that I think are important to think about.

  1. There is no cure for Endometriosis
  2. Teenagers are not to young to get Endometriosis (waves quietly)
  3. Endometriosis is NOT and STI

If you are unsure exactly what Endometriosis is, it is when parts of the womb float else where within the body.

My Personal Treatment Plan

I have been trying to help prolong the return of the effects of Endometriosis by being on the contraceptive pill and skipping my period. At the moment I am only having a period every three months. Skipping my period means there is less of a chance for things to go wrong quicker. That being said though, I have always been in pain, even after my surgery.

When it comes to pain management, I have gotten to a stage where I can ignore it most of the time. That does not mean that I don’t feel it, because oh boy its there, it means that I tolerate it and get on with my day. If the pain is really bad (normally when I am lying down trying to go to bed) I will take pain medication directed towards period pain. You might be curious why I don’t take pain killers all the time. This is a personal preference where I don’t want to become dependent on drugs.

When I go on Tuesday, I will be switching to a new (to me) type of contraception. I will now be changing to the Merina. This is a device that is implanted in the uterus. Although this website is directed for US residents, I found it to be useful for basic information about what the Merina is, possible side affects and what it does: Click here

I have never tried this before, but have been offered it in the past. Younger Zoe was put off by it because I didn’t want anything inside of me. This is the exact reason why I never had the Bar implanted.The Bar honestly terrifies me, also two people who are close to me have had nothing but grief with the Bar. So, no thanks.

I am going to be trying the Merina for a couple of reasons:

  1. The pill has messed with my libido and I am not impressed (neither is my BF)
  2. The Merina is meant to be better at prolonging the return of Endometriosis
  3. This will last me around 5 years and will save me heaps of $$$
  4. I need to find a better solution for my pain.

I am super nervous about having the Merina, so of course I asked a few questions during my consultation. (I would ask these again to your Doctor as well, remember what I write isn’t absolute) Things might get a bit TMI for you, so if you do not want to read about these question that is totally ok! But if you are like me and wanted answers, or you might just be curious keep reading. Questions have been bolded so you can skip over them or find what you are looking for.

Will my significant other feel the Merina?

I was given the answer that depending on what is happening, no he wont. If his fingers are there, then yes, he will be able to feel the end of the string, BUT he wont be able to grab it and pull it out (unless they SERIOUSLY try, but I wouldn’t recommend it). This was something that I was super nervous about and so was glad to hear. As for sex, my doctor said her partner didn’t notice a difference, so that is a win!

How long until I can be sexually active again?

Surgery aside (for myself), you can be sexually active right away, there is no cool down period as with the Pill. Once the Merina is in, you’re protected.

How long will it take for my body to settle down?

For older women it takes less time, but because I am a lot younger (22 at the time of posting) it can take up to 6-8 months before everything really settles into place. I will be seeing the doctor a few times over this period to make sure that everything is working as it should be.

Will I still have periods?

While my body is settling down, yes, things will run as normal. After the settling down period periods might fade off and only spotting will happen. This is something that was hard for the doctor to give a solid answer on though because everyone is different. So again, make sure you ask your doctor incase you get a different answer.

What if I want to get pregnant? 

Just see your GP, get the Merina taken out and off you go.

Will I personally feel it inside me?

This was a question that was incredibly important to me, I am already in pain so I didn’t want to feel a different type of discomfort. I was told that the first few days might be a bit uncomfortable, as my body is getting used to the Merina being there. The doctor said that it could be painful, but she also followed that with that she does not normally have period pain, while I do, so I probably wont really notice. After potentially the first week, I should feel no discomfort.

What does the Merina do?

Now, this answer should be taken as maybe a guide, then followed by more research, as I did myself. Basically though, the Merina helps thin the the lining on the womb, making it harder to fall pregnant. But for someone like me, this thinning of the wall makes it harder for the Endometriosis to come back, which is why it has been recommended to me.

For now that is all I have to write! I will hopefully do a follow up post about how everything is going, because I am the only person I know that is having the Merina and the only person (physically) close to me that also has Endometriosis.

If you want to ask me any questions please don’t hesitate to do so! I will answer as best that I can.

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I hope to see you next time~!