Happy Board

Hey Everyone,

Recently I have found that I have been in serious need of a constant pick-me-up in my life. Of course, after looking around the internet I stumbled upon the the brilliant idea of a Happy/ Memory board.


First off, this board is obviously going to be targeted towards me and my needs, so what you need will be different to what I have. Overall, the idea is to put pictures and other things that cheer you up or bring back happy memories. This image just shows some of the things that I will be putting on my board! Pictures, art, post cards and prints! Plus of course, the tacks that I am using on my cork board!


The board I have is huge, and I love it because some of the pieces I wanted to use are large, plus I want to use lots of photos!


This was where I had started with my board as I had no idea what I was going to do with the bottom of the board. It was an area that wouldn’t been seen as often as this board lives on top of my tall boy, and in front of this is my perfumes. To try and save the board and to also make my life a little easier, I tucked a fair few of these pieces into the board itself.

For art that I want to keep looking pretty and un-punctured for future use, I washi taped cut up pieces of paper to the back. This both leaves the art undamaged and also stabiles the picture to the board. With nearly all the images I have used this and then hidden them behind other pieces.

Here is a perfect example!

I honestly thought that this project would take me a long time to do, but in reality, it took less than an hour. That time frame also includes me taking many breaks and getting distracted. Something I was constantly worried about was space, but in the end it didn’t matter because I can easily change images whenever I want.

In the end, I made 4 mini sections on my board, a photos section, art section, memory section and an anime section. Neither area has priority over another, they developed as I went along. The biggest area is the photo area, which I love because they are memories of precious people in my life.


My photo area! All of these photos are from Printiki*, who kindly got into contact with me after seeing my photos of my trip to Japan. They are a printing site that offers many different styles and sizes. I chose the M size and retro style because I love the polaroid picture look. For your own board you can use which ever style of picture, after-all it’ll be your happy board and not mine! I chose pictures from the last 5 years, the earliest photos are from my 18th birthday. The most recent photo on here would be from my trip to Japan this year! All of the people in these photos are important to me, hence why they are on my board.


The art section! Sadly I cannot say where the Miraculous Ladybug and Toothless print are from as they were a gift. The eyes are from a beautiful artist called Lighanes Clay Art from Etsy. These pieces are in the top right and I put them up here to save on space, these over hang the board while still having enough room to support them so they don’t flop over.


Anime corner! Ah, I adore this section, even though there isn’t a lot here, it represents some of my favourite manga and anime. Sailor Moon is a huge part of my life, I have watched it since I was little and when in Japan I bought all of the 20th anniversary manga (which are beautiful btw). I knew I needed these reminders on my board, anime and manga shape my life and the messages they share are incredibly important to me. So here is my little nod towards that love.

Memory section, which is the overflow of all things in my life, post cards from friends and etsy shops, the card Caitlan gave me when she asked me to be a brides maid, and purikura from my many trips to Japan, which are the main source of photos of my international friends. Making this area look good was so important to me, as I knew this would be the least organised section of the board. I had a bit of a hard time deciding what exactly I wanted here, so a lot of the things that I had originally thought would be on here didn’t make the cut. Maybe in the future they will be switched out.

The moral of this post is that a Happy Board doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to function for what you need. I could have easily left out my anime section for this post, but I would have been lying to myself and to you if it wasn’t on there. My happy board lives in my room, I see it all the time and I love it. Since having it back I have noticed I am lot more comfortable in my room. The board is a constant reminder of how lucky I am to have had these experiences and to know all of these amazing people! A happy board doesn’t have to be this big either, it would simply be an A4 frame that you have filled with a collage, or even a post you have attached pictures to. Make the board to fit your needs!

If you love the look of the Printiki photos I recommend using them! I will be getting more photos from them in the future, the quality of the photos are amazing and they shipped super quickly. The service is reasonably priced and you can pull photos from multiple sources. I grabbed photos from my computer and directly from Facebook! If you are interested in using Printiki, I have a code that gives you FREE shipping, the code is 7HHEZZJJ. I do believe you can get your own code when you sign up as well!

If you have a board like this of your own I would love to see it! Be sure to tag me on social media.

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*Disclaimer = Printiki contacted me about doing a post using their photos. My opinion on the photos and recommendation has not been affected by their contact. 

De-potting Samples!

Hey Guys!

I can understand that the title of this blog post might be a little confusing, but what I mean is taking sachet samples of eyeshadow pigments and putting them into little pots! I personally am afraid to use them while they are still in their little zip lock bags. So I set out to get little empty sample pots to decant them into! Because I knew that if they were in pots I would be more excited and willing to use them. It might take up more space this way but that is alright, because I would rather them take up that bit more space than not using them at all! At this point I had accumulated many samples and so it was way past time for me to do this. I had received samples from online purchases and then also from a very generous friend who kindly gave me all her doubles!

The samples that I am de-cantering are by Shiro Cosmetics and Femme Fatal Cosmetics (Femme Fatal are an Australian Brand!) Both companies will send samples with any purchase, so its worth it!


Admittedly this photo is all of my empty sachets, because I didn’t take a photo with them full like a fool! But ah well, you can still see just how many samples that I have and why I felt it was really time for me to do this!

Before I go into how I actually did this, I seriously recommend that you lay down tissues and/or paper towel. Its a messy process and having them down will speed up clean up at the end.


Here we go! This is just the first one that I started with, and I am so happy I have transfered this to a pot as I am in love with this shade! I bought these sample pots off of eBay and got a box of 50. It’s easy to find them, I am pretty sure I just searched ‘sample pots’ and got lots of responses! As you can see I have tissues laid out, because I am expecting to make a mess.


I took off the sticker from the sample and stuck it to the bottom because I want to make sure that if I want to purchase this in the future I know the name! As you can see the sticker is a little bigger than the bottom of the pot, there is probably a ‘nicer’ way of sticking them on. But seeing as I am the only person who will most likely use them/ see them I’m not bothered that it isn’t perfect. My main goal was to get the sticker on the pot and make sure it doesn’t fall off in the near future!

I will say that the Shiro Cosmetics stickers are a lot more user friendly than the Femme Fatal ones. Shiro Cosmetics’ ones are round and fit pretty well as you can see above, the same cannot be said for Femme Fatal, they are a square and don’t peal off any where near as easily.


Ta-da! Once the sticker is firmly in place, flip the pot over, open the sample and gently try and get it all into the pot! I found that holding the mouth of the sachet open at the other hand made it easier to get al of the product out. It will mean though that you will get pigment all over your hands. I had lovely colourful hands by the end of it!


Finally the finished product! I am so happy with how these look, you can easily see what colour is in the pot and the sample fit in perfectly. I did find that some samples had so much in it that I had to use two pots! This is so generous of the brands and I am so thankful that they do something like this!

Again, I will just say that Shiro Cosmetics gives you a lot more product in their samples which honestly sways how I will shop in the future.


This is the final overview! Like I said at the start I had a lot of samples and I simply wasn’t using them in their sachets. I am so glad that I have these in pots now because I am already using them and loving them! If you look to the bottom right of the image you can see two pots with a very similar colour and that’s because they are! As I said above there were some samples that I had to use two pots for. This is a blush sample so I am thankful because now I can have one pot in Adelaide and one at my parents house.

Overall I am so glad that I have done this and it didn’t take much time at all, what took the longest was waiting for all the sample pots to come! I honestly feel like I have probably used up half of the pots alright but that is alright, they are cheap and I can always get more! What is important is that I will now use these amazing pigments and enjoy them how I am meant to. It goes without saying that I could not get all of the product that was in the sachets, but I’m seriously not worried, as you can see there is still a lot in the pots!

Is there any indie brands that you think I need to try? Please let me know in the comments!

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I hope to see you next time~!