Bloggers United AU Adelaide Event 2017

Hey Everyone,

Last weekend (Sunday 5th) was the 2nd Bloggers United Event to be held in Adelaide! I was super excited about it because I knew it would be chance to catch up with fellow bloggers and learn new things. It was also my first time vlogging an event and I found it brought a whole new level of fun to the day.

The way that this event was ran was totally different from last time, which added an air of mystery and excitement that lasted throughout the day. We had three speakers, who set out to teach us how to improve our blog as a brand (something I still struggle to grasp the idea of). It didn’t matter if we only wanted to use our bloggers as hobbies or to build them up into full blown brands. We were taught some amazing tricks and I am so glad that we had those chats.

We were also lucky enough to talk to a talk directly to people from PR companies and ask them questions and learn about what they actually want to see when we give out our media kits. To me this was the most beneficial part of the day as I have always been curious at how, as a blogger, I should talk to companies! Now I just need to build the confidence to actually send out my media kit hehe.

The highlight for me was being taught tricks and tips for making an eye catching flat lay. But more importantly, how to do it easily, as doing flat lays and making them interesting is something I always struggle with. To help all of us put our new skills into practice we were given a flat lay challenge! There were 6 categories and to follow that 6 amazing prizes!

Amazingly I was lucky enough to win one of the prizes and I was so surprised when I did!

If you want to see some behind the scenes of the event, be sure to check out my video:

We also received lovely gift bags, and I am already using some of the products so be sure to keep an eye out for those reviews in the future!

Overall I had a great day, learning important information for my blog and re-connecting with fellow bloggers.

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LUSH Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub~*

Hey Everyone,

A while ago I was lucky enough to attend a Bloggers United x LUSH 2nd birthday bash! While there we got to watch some face scrubs be made, and as always learn more about the fabulous company that is LUSH. At the end of the night we were lucky enough to pick one full size product. I decided on getting the biggest size of Rub Rub Rub because I had used it before and was missing it in my life.


Rub Rub Rub is a scrub that is advertised to be used both in and out of the shower, so I will talk about both uses separately.

Out of the shower: I found that I did not enjoy using Rub Rub Rub on dry skin, the product obviously does not last as long or go as far on dry skin. Getting the product to move around on my leg was harder then I thought it would be. Sometimes it would cling to drier patches. I felt as well that my skin didn’t feel as nice afterwards, that it had not scrubbed my skin as well as it could have.

In the shower: I LOVE using this in the shower, as it spreads a lot easier on my skin and because I am already wet, the product goes further, which is important considering how expensive LUSH products can get. I also enjoy the fact that Rub Rub Rub can be used by itself as a soap, as the product smells amazing and suds up as soap normally does.

Overall I really enjoying using this scrub as it is not super abrasive. That being said, some of my friends can’t use this because it is still too strong for them, so if you are thinking of trying this maybe still get the smaller size first. I don’t use this all that often, only when I am shaving my legs (which is maybe once a week/ when my partner visits). If you are not a fan of strong smells you might not enjoy this smell, as it does smell strongly of the sea, which is something that I don’t mind. The best thing for me is that I can use a small amount and it moves easily on my skin and I can get everywhere that I want to. Because the product is finer, I find it easier to scrub parts where I am more inclined to get in grown hairs.

My own biggest issue with this is the packaging, which is a jar, because even right now there is product in the seal and I find that it is hard to get out because I don’t want to get the inside of the jar wet.

Otherwise this is one of my favourites and I am so glad that I get to have this huge jar to work through!

What are some of your favourite body scrubs?

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~*Disclaimer: this review was no affected by the fact that this product was given to me for free. All opinions are my own from using the product.

Bloggers United AU x LUSH 1st Birthday Bash!

Hey Everyone!

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited to Bloggers United AU 1st Birthday held at LUSH Marion! I was so surprised and thankful when the email arrived in my mail box asking if I would like to come! I jumped on the chance and it was so much fun!

Photos in this post were taken by the amazing Chill Hill Photography. It was amazing to have a professional photographer there for the night!


This photo gives you and idea of how small of an event the night was. I feel so honoured to be apart of the night celebrating with my fellow bloggers! It was good to see people who I had met at the first Adelaide Event and catch up!


For most of the night I was with these two beautiful ladies ❤ You have heard me talk about Caitlan from Procrasticaitlan all the time, the beautiful lady on the left is Ren from Ren Nay who is a YouTuber rather than a blogger! Her style is amazing and she is hilarious! I am so glad that I got this photo because it was at the start of the night when we were all still full of energy! This was also my first time taking a photo with Bloggers United AU’s Instagram cut out!

I am so thankful that I got to meet other bloggers! Sorry if you came up to me and I looked like a stunned mullet… I didn’t recognise you! I had Caitlan tell me who people were later and I felt awful!


The night started off with these beautiful people explaining to us why certain ingredients are used in LUSH products. It was amazing to hear what was used and why! I was super surprised to hear that even potatoes make it into LUSH products! (I swear I’m constantly surrounded by potatoes).


I loved hearing about how LUSH obtains their ingredients and how LUSH makes a huge effort to not affect the land that they use. It was interesting to hear that all the honey used in Australian LUSH products are harvested in Australia! So if you are travelling internationally and wonder why the product isn’t working the exact same as it does at home. It’s because, even though the ingredients are the same, they are unique to each country~! Their best example was with honey, which obviously would have different qualities depending on what pollen was used.


The highlight of the night was the scavenger hunt! We were teamed up and set out to find products with certain ingredients in them! I thought this was an amazing idea, because it meant that we could use the knowledge we had just learnt to look for products! Everyone worked together in their teams to find everything that we needed! Sadly my group were one off from completing the challenge. But two teams went into a tie-break with one eventually becoming the winner! The tie-break was to find a product with potato in it! (I still don’t know which product that is)


These are the two lovely ladies who won the scavenger hunt! Felicia from The Beauty and the Geek AU and Steph from How To Girl. Net. It was great to see such deserving people win! I loved seeing them sussing out their prize later on and sharing between the two of them! I cannot deny I was a little jealous when they posted their winnings on Instagram! Excellent work girls!

Once the scavenger hunt was completed, it was time for:


More selfies and of course, when Caitlan and I are together


Laughing (and being outraged?) at things that I don’t even remember!

Everyone was lucky enough to spend time shopping and discussing what would be best for our different needs. We were lucky enough to receive 1 full item to review and then shop to our hearts content! In a later post I will show what I hauled. I am so happy with what I picked up and I’m excited to try new products!

Before I end this post I just want to say a huge thank you to these beautiful ladies:


Thank you again Nici from Beauty and Food and Kate from Seduced By Beauty. These ladies are the reason so many exciting things are happening for Adelaide bloggers! These two amazing ladies have also created Promote SA, which is a site dedicated to exactly what the website is called! Promoting SA talent both brand and blogger wise. I cannot wait to see what these lovely ladies have planned for us in the future. All I know is that I am super excited to be apart of it all! Congrats again ladies on another successful night!

Thank you as well to LUSH ANZ for having us. This is my first ever LUSH event and I had a blast! Thank you so much for having us there and I can’t wait to see what happens in the future. I do know that I need to get my butt back to a LUSH store to try all the different skin care products they have.

What are your must have LUSH items? I would love to know below!

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I hope to see you next time~!


Bitchinskin Body Scrub~*!

Hey Guys!

Today I am talking all about this body scrub that I was lucky enough to receive from an event! I am always on the lookout for new body scrubs as I use them regularly as a part of my shower routine! (explained in this post)

I am going to go over a few things in this post, such as how I felt about the product and how and why I decanter it! So get ready!


Here is what the BitchinSkin looks like in all its glory! This is the front of the packaging and I find that I like how simple and straight to the point it is. It brings things back to the basics without being plain and I really enjoy that.


This is the start of what is on the back of the packaging. I didn’t take an overview shot because I wanted to go through all the sections and talk through them and felt that an overview didn’t give it justice. As you can see this is at the top of the product and is a nice quick and simple explanation of what the scrub is meant to do!

Hello, meet BitchinSkin

The body scrub exploding with good stuff to brighten, purify, smooth and tone. I’ll dig deep to sooth post-workout soreness and target pesky skin conditions such as acne, flakiness & irritation as well as cellulite and wrinkles.

This is something that is right up my ally! Granted I do not use this as a post-workout scrub because honestly, I don’t go to the gym. So I am sorry but I will not be able to comment on how effective this scrub is at helping with post-workout soreness. But as for skin conditions, that is something that I can comment on! As I have mentioned in the past, I have trouble shaving my legs unless I use a scrub. So I was super excited to find out this would help with that!

In these two photos it displays what the main ingredients in the scrub are, as well as the instructions and all the ingredients in general. I like how upfront and no-fuss this information is. Its in big writing so it is easy to see and clearly displayed so you don’t have to hunt around for it.

As you can see the main ingredients are Coconut, Matcha (Green Tea) and Peppermint. This is unsurprising seeing as the scrub is called a Matcha body scrub and when I opened the packaging I got a HUGE whiff of peppermint. I will say that if you are someone that dislikes the smell of peppermint, you will NOT like this scrub. I am not a huge fan of the smell, but I can get by with it. So that is why I am giving that caution.


You might be wondering why I de-potted this, and the reason is simple, because I wanted to get as much use out of this scrub as I could! I was a little worried about using the packaging with wet hands so it just felt natural to put it in a different pot! I used a spoon to get everything out and I really scrapped around to get it! As you can see it filled up this pot really nicely and I am glad! Once I was finished shoveling it out into the pot I was glad I had transferred it because I know I would have missed out on so much product!

For my actual review I will write this in two parts, because like a noob I didn’t actually read the instructions until it came to taking these photos! I used it incorrectly the first time, but I still want to comment on it because I am sure I’m not the only one who has done that!

First AttemptMildly failed attempt

So, the first time I used this just like I would any other scrub, I jumped in the shower cubical and started scrubbing away! I found that using it this way did make it hard to spread around my leg. I didn’t really like the texture of the scrub and used a lot more than I thought I would need to just scrub my legs. The smell of peppermint was really strong and I wasn’t a super fan. That being said though I did still really like how my skin felt afterwards! But needless to say I am super glad I have read the instructions to use this properly!

Second Attempt = Things made sense

Ahhh, in this case second time was the charm because this time I used the product correctly! I jumped in, shampooed, conditioned and then shut off the shower and started scrubbing! Now, let me tell you, this was a totally different experience then the first try! The consistency this time was a lot easier to work with. The product spread out better across my skin, I also found that it was more abrasive this way. This is really important to me as I know this helps my legs in the long run! As I run my hands up and down my leg a day after, I find that my leg is still pretty hair free. Which is excellent because in the past it has been known to grow back by evening!

I noticed the smell was a lot less concentrated using it this way, another thing I was thankful for! I noticed as well that the product went a lot further on my body. I probably did my arms and legs with the same amount as I had just used on my legs in the first try.

On my arms I really liked this as well! I concentrated it on the top half because I do have some skin issues there as well. I felt that it did a great job! But when I stepped out of the shower to let the scrub rest on my skin, my arms did feel tighter? I’m not really sure, but I could have just been imagining things from scrubbing so hard! Even now (roughly a week later while editing this post again) my arms are still feeling super smooth and not bumpy. I think I will save this scrub for my arms, because I have noticed an actual difference in my skin quality and that is amazing!

Overall my second attempt at using this scrub was a lot more promising than the first attempt. Please remember that it was totally my own fault but I thought I would still add it in because it did affect my initial thought on the scrub. I am glad though that I used it properly because I find I really do enjoy using this!

Let me know if there are other scrubs out there you would like me to try!

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I hope to see you next time~!

~* indicated received at a blogger event

Shanghai Lil & The Scarlet Fez

Hey Guys!

Today I am going to be talking about a brand that was made it our own backyard of Adelaide! I had the pleasure of meeting Mark who is the owner of this brand at the Bloggers United AU Adelaide Event! Shanghai Lil was one of my favourite presenters and I didn’t wait long before I went out and got more of their products! One of my favourite things about this brand is the packaging.


This is the lip balm that I received from the BU event. I was so happy to see one of the lip balms in the bag! I have a huge love for lip balms and I am always trying to find my next favourite. As you can see the flavour of lip balm that I got was Raspberry Royale~* I have been using this a lot and I love the smell of it. I didn’t know if I truly would because I am not a huge fan of Raspberries but this is amazing and I am so glad that I have this.


Because I loved the original lip balm that I got so much I went and got more! I had originally smelt Jersey Caramel at the event and I knew that I needed it in my life. I LOVE the smell of this lip balm. I know that when I run out I will be getting another one. The second one I got was Caramelised Fig, I didn’t originally have the intention of getting this one but once I smelt it in store I knew that I needed it as a part of my collection. I haven’t used this one much but I know that I will get around to using it.


The last two things that I picked up were soaps. I love collecting and using blocks of soap so once I smelt these I knew that I had to get some. There was on in particular that I wanted to get but I don’t remember what it was called. I know it wasn’t one of the ones I picked up but I know I will get around to finding it again the future. There is a theme with the two soaps that I picked up and that is the scent of Lavender. The two that I picked up were Classic Lavender & Citrus and Bracing Lavender and Rosemary. I love lavender scented things and I am seriously looking forward to using these.

When I actually getting around to opening them I will make sure I take a photo! I would have opened them but that would have ruined the packaging and seeing as I am not using them straight away I am going to wait. But I do remember the soaps looking just as pretty as the packaging so I can’t wait to see what they look like inside!

I think the next thing I want to try is their mists. Have you tried any of their products? Let me know what I should get in my next shop.

If you guys want to check out other products created by Shanghai Lil or even want to purchase the items that I have talked about in this post. Head on over to: Shanghai Lil’s Website!

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I hope to see you next time!


~* Indicates received at a Blogger Event

Runway Room Pink Matte Lip Pencil~*!

Hey Guys!

Recently I was introduced to the beautiful brand Runway Room at the Bloggers United AU Adelaide Event! I had the chance to talk to the Adelaide rep Kara and she was amazing. I had been told by me besties that this brand was out of this world and that I would love it and spoiler, I think they are right.


From the Bloggers United Adelaide Event I got to choose a product out of either a lipstick, lip gloss or a matte lip pencil. As you can see above, I decided on the pencil! I am loving Matte lip products at the moment and so I thought this would be the best for me to try out!


This is the shade that I decided to pick up! This is the Matte Lip Pencil in the shade Pink. I decided on this colour as I feel like this is a shade that could be worn all year round and still look great!

I found that I had a little bit of trouble applying this for the first time, but I think that was down to the fact that I was using it for the first time. But once I had this on it felt great! I couldn’t feel this on my lips which was something I was thankful for, as I have gotten used to wearing liquid lipsticks. I found that this did transfer but not horribly so that was good. Re-applying this product was also super easy and didn’t change the over all feel on my lips. Something that I was thankful for as with other lip products re-applying can be an issue.

My only negative comment is that the name of the colour isn’t on the pencil. It is only written on the box, which I had honestly thrown away before realising this. Thankfully, through talking to my friends and comparing colours I could figure out which one I have.

Overall I really love this product and will def be getting a lot of use out of this! I like how it is in a pencil format as I feel that it will help with the longevity of the product. I will be looking more into this brand and trying other products! I have heard amazing things about their lipsticks so I think that is the first thing on my list to try!

Price: $24.95 

You can purchase it here:

Let me know if you have tried other products from Runway Room and what you thought of them!

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I hope to see you next time!

~* indicates that I received this item at a Blogger Event.

Bloggers United AU Adelaide Event!

Hey Guys!

So on the 28th of Feb, I was lucky enough to go to the first Bloggers United Adelaide Event! I was super excited and thankful that this opportunity came up and that I got to go. The day was all about meeting fellow Bloggers and getting to talk to amazing Companies about their different products.

Now sit back and get comfy because this is probably going to be a long post!

First off a HUGE thank you to the beautiful people who organised this event. Thank you to the Adelaide Reps Kate from Seduced By Beauty and Nici from Beauty and Food. These girls truly are amazing for putting together such an amazing day. Thank you again and I can’t wait to see what you two get up to in the future for us Adelaide girls!

I want to make a quick note before I really dive into this post. Most of the photos that will be used in this post were taken by the professional photographer of the day Heidi from Heidi Who Photos. Thank you so much for letting us bloggers use the photos that you took as we were all just too busy looking at all the goodies presented to us!


The day started at around 12:30pm and as you can see there were a fair few of us there! This photo shows just how much effort went into the event because featured here are all of the bloggers who attended as well as the brands who came and spoke to us throughout the day. It was super exciting to see so many Adelaide people and I was so happy to be a part of  this!

To start off the event we were all gathered together and given a quick photography session from Heidi from Heidi Who Photos. Something that I am super thankful for and I have taken many of the tips she suggested and am implementing them! So hopefully you will start to notice that in my future posts! This was super informative and I am glad we started off the day with this session because it did influence how I took photos throughout the day! Sadly though I didn’t get to listen to the whole speech as I over heated 😦 Thankfully though I lasted through most of it and learnt a lot!

After the first session we were broken up into groups of 2 – 3 and sent on a little treasure hunt with maps that we had found in a tote bag which we had been given! This meant the everyone throughout the day had a slightly different experience as we were all in different groups! I started off my adventure with Vani-T.


Vani-T is an Australian Brand that creates Tanning products as well as Beauty products and is a brand that has sponsored some pretty famous international events! Which is amazing for an Australian brand! I had heard of this band before today but honestly didn’t realise they were Australian so that is super exciting! In the goodie bag above we received some tanning products and also 3 items of makeup! I sadly won’t use the tanning products, so I have given these to my sister with strict instructions to tell me what she thinks so I can still write a review! The beauty products we received were a lipgloss, lipstick (which has BEAUTIFUL packaging) and an eyeshadow pigment. An important thing to remember with the makeup line is they are all mineral makeup! On display there was a beautiful red lipstick, which I honestly think I will have to pick up because I can never go past a beautiful bold red lipstick.


Next up was Natralus Australia, who are an Australian Brand! (sensing a theme? 🙂 hehe) Recently they just became available in Woolworths which is amazing and already makes their products much more easily attainable. This brand focuses on making Paw Paw based products which is amazing! They also have a product that is a hand cream that acts like a glove on your hand! The presenter was telling us some crazy unreal stories about what it can protect your hands from! This brand was SUPER gracious in what they let us try. These even gave us the full range of their brand new lip balms! I have tried one already and they are lovely!


Next up was Yo Get It and oh my goodness guys this could not have been better timed in my version of the treasure hunt. This is a healthy snack alternative and is based off of a Brazilian dish! Guys this was truly amazing and I can’t wait until the next time I’m in Marion Shopping centre to get one of these. The yoghurt (which you can’t see) is a lovely purple colour and the topping (which you can see) just add the perfect texture to the snack. One thing I have to say is though, these aren’t full sizes so I honestly don’t know if I could finish one. As the ones we received on the day were the perfect size leaving me satisfied until lunch!


After the perfect snack we learnt about the brand Dr. Hauschka (which I sadly can’t pronounce) this brand was focused on bringing skin care back a few steps to make it more simple and user friendly. The Lady we spoke to explained that they were more concerned about trying to help their customers than make a sale, and to domonstrate that she explained how they would give out samples and let the customer have a good try before they come back to buy! Which is incredible of a brand to do and it was amazing to hear. These were the deluxe samples that we received, there were also sachet samples which came with their own pamphlets explaining exactly what the product does!


Then we moved on to hear from Loreal Professional and this was a brand I felt like I learnt a lot from! Not just about hair care, but even just tips in general towards my own blog! Nikita is the gentleman you see in the centre of the photo and he explained all about the amazing products and brands that we would be receive in our goodie bag. There is a spray from Pureology that is designed to help prolong coloured hair! And seeing as I have deep purple in my hair I was super excited about this product! Nikita also re-iterated to importance of taking good photos. He explained that in an upcoming campaign they will be hiring bloggers to advertise the product! He explained that there would be a male and female bloggers and that while picking the male blogger they found out that one of them was using an iPhone to take their photos. He wasn’t denying that an iPhone can take good photos, he just explained that the reason they weren’t picked is because the company was concerned about the quality of the photos once blown up to a poster size. This inspired me to get back into using my camera to take my blog/ Instagram photos and I’m so thankful that Nikita took the time to tell us something so important!


Just before lunch my little group got to sit out on the beautiful balcony and talk to the beautiful lady’s from REB Cosmetics. The Lady you see on the left is actually the founder of the brand which is super exciting! REB is a South Australian Brand and is produced in Adelaide which is awesome! REB is a mineral brand and are still expanding their range, they have just brought out magnetic eyeshadow palettes which is super exciting! This brand very kindly gave us an eyeshadow each (colour of our choosing) and I am super excited to try mine! I have been hearing amazing things so fingers crossed I get the same result!


LUNCH TIME~! Half way through the event we were allowed to have a little rest and grab something to eat! Oporto and Sumo Salad were kind enough to provide some food for all us hungry bloggers to eat! My lunch came from Oporto and it was from their new menu! Sadly, while I did ultimately enjoy my lunch, it did get a bit too spicy for me and resulted in me getting lipstick on my chin because I was eating a burrito. That aside lunch was good and gave us all some much needed energy to make it through the rest of the day!


During lunch a group of us decided to sit on the grass and it was so lovely sitting near the ocean and just talking in a big group! It was a little windy as you can see, which did result in a bit of hair in lipstick but it was totally worth it! I really love this photo and am so thankful that Heidi took the time to capture this moment!


After lunch we were straight back at it! And now my little group was downstairs and we got to talk to the second lot of brands! To start off with we talked to the brand Weleda, who are a brand that is almost 100 years old! Weleda are a company that is conscious of their impact on the environment and so plant fields to get the ingredients they need. Through this they are also employing famers and creating new jobs around the world which is fantastic! One of their products, which is called Skin Food is celebrating it’s 90th Birthday which is crazy! We were told the the recipe for that product hasn’t changed AT ALL in that time which just goes to show that you don’t need to mess with a good product! We were lucky enough to receive a full size Skin Food and one of the Body Washes you see pictured above!


Then we moved on to this brand which has some of the most beautiful packaging that I have ever seen! This is Kismet Jardin and they are a skin care and perfume brand who are also Australian! I still can’t get over how beautiful their packaging looks! We got to test some of the products on our skin and it felt sooo lovely! We got a little box with 1 full size product and two samples, I have already worn the perfume once and it lasted super well!


This was a brand I was excited to hear about because my friends had already hyped them up for me! This is an Australian Hair Care company called Davroe, and now that I’ve heard of them, I keep hearing about them! So that is a good sign! The lady’s we talked to were super lovely and were obviously super enthusiastic about their brand which was amazing! I feel like we didn’t truly get enough time to talk to the beautiful people behind this brand but hopefully there might be a next time! This is my own photo of the goodies that we received! I honestly don’t know what to say other than Thank You so much! I hope this gets me more enthusiastic about looking after my hair and supporting an Aussie Company!


From the whole day I think this Company was my favourite. Shanghai Lil and The Scarlet Fez or simply Shanghai Lil for short. This is an Adelaide Company where all of the products are hand made with natural and organic ingredients. This is also a Vegan brand which is super exciting for Vegans! This company sells a full range of products such as soaps, mists, lip balms (photo above) and perfume. In our goodies bags we received a lip balm and the one I received is Raspberry Royale (bottom right) and I LOVE it, so I have (unashamedly) already gone out to buy more from the brand. If you live in Adelaide, Shanghai Lil is available at Have You Met Charlie? In Regent Arcade, Rundle Mall.


Second to last for my little group was the company Runway Room which I had heard a LOT of good things about from my two besties, so I was super excited to be able to meet the lovely lady they had told me about and touch all the makeup! This is a company that started in Melbourne but is making head way in Adelaide too! It was so lovely to be able to see this brand and play around with the cosmetics they have available! We were lucky enough to be able to pick either a lip gloss, lipstick or a lip pencil. I chose a lip pencil in a berry colour because we are coming into the cooler months so I know I will get lots of use out of it! I did feel a little bad for Runway Room at the end of the day though (which is when my group arrived) because the room she was in was like a sauna! The poor makeup was having a bit of a hard time and so was she. She still looked beautiful though and the products weren’t too heat damaged I hope! One more thing I want to say is I LOVE the colour scheme, though it can sometimes play with my eyes haha!


The last company for the day was a beautiful looking brand called Enbacci. This brand focuses on making a skin care range that is suitable for all skin times, but mainly focused on sensitive skin. This is because the founders mother has sensitive skin and she wanted to create a range that her mum could use! Which is so sweet and amazing! The products in the photo above are interesting in that they have Grape Stem cells as an ingredient! It was interesting to listen to all she had to say and I am super excited to try the samples we received. In the samples there is a face scrub which I think will be amazing after a heavy makeup day! This is also one of the brands that I think I will be reviewing first! So get ready!

The day still wasn’t over even after so many amazing chats to companies, we headed over to a lounge room and got comfy as we got the chance to listen to three bloggers bring some reality back into the world of blogging. I found this super helpful as someone who is still very new and growing in the blogging world. We heard from Jenni from Styling Curvy and she explained to us all how we need to respect ourselves in all forms of blogging. If we get the chance to work with companies remember all the work that we have put into our blogs and communities. And also a big point, nothing is free! We all put so much work into our blogs that if we are lucky enough to be sent something, its not free because with that product will come exceptions and maybe even sponsorships.

The last presentation we had was from Hayley and Lauren from Adelady. Their key message was to remember that bad things will happen and that blogging can be a happy place when these things happen. But to also remember that your blog isn’t everything and if you need time to deal with life that’s totally ok! Remember to have fun and everything will work out! There were a few tears shed while these beautiful lady’s talked to us as we understood and sympathised with what was happening in the world around us. Thank you for being so honest with us about the world of blogging and what true hardships it can bring! Remember lady’s you can’t eat makeup!

Even after these lovely lady’s had finished the day was still not over! We still had the last of our goodie bags to collect. These mainly consisted of items from brands that hadn’t been able to make it throughout the day, or brands who had been kind enough to leave their goodie bags until the end so we weren’t walking around with them!


Here is a rough overview of all the goodies we received from the companies that spoke to us throughout the day! As you can imagine I’m a little overwhelmed with the generosity of the brands in giving us so many goodies to try. I almost don’t know where to start and its a bit frightening! But that being said I am super excited for the posts that I can write in the future and the potential holy grails that might pop up through all the experimentation! This isn’t even all the products we received, there were two other bags FULL of products. One brand (who sadly couldn’t attended the event) were kind enough to give us their ENTIRE skin care range. Again, I’m blown away from the generosity of the companies who took the time to talk to us Adelaide Bloggers.


Here is my beautiful friend Sarah from Pastel Sparkles showing off all the goodie bags that we got! (She also wrote a post on the day which you should check out as we had different treasure hunt adventures!)

I would also love to mention Ovi Hydration, who was one of the brands who supplied us all with some drinks for the day! I have had their drinks in the past and the Berry flavour is hands down my favourite and I may have drank two or three bottles on the day and snuck a couple home as well.

Overall the day was a great and I am so thankful that I had the chance to attend this event! I have met so many Adelaide bloggers and I feel so much more like I’m apart of a community and I love it. Thank you again Bloggers United AU for hosting and organising such an AMAZING event and I truly cannot wait to see what you beautiful lady’s produce in the future. Thank you as well to Seawall Appartments for hosting the event! The weather was beautiful and the location just made the event all the more special.

I hope you are looking forward to seeing some exciting Australian brand based posts in the future, because I know I am excited to write them and support them!

Let me know if there is anything you want me to review first and I will get right on it!

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I hope to see you next time~!