OOTD Bride’s Maids Day

Hey Everyone,

I have been asked to be a Brides Maid for one of my best friends, so that means many occasions where we go out and look at different things and discus what the Bride wants. Recently we went out as a group to the venue that they have picked. We hadn’t seen it before and the weather was perfect for a venture out to the site.

The lighting was just too perfect and so I asked Caitlan from Sass Social to take photos (she is also the beautiful Bride to be ❤ )

I tend to have a pretty casual style of dress, the ‘Queen of Casual’ as I have been called by my mother (too many times). So today was no exception.



Jacket: Brave Soul Biker Pu Jacket (Purchased on ASOS)
Shirt: Target Mens V-neck Black
Scarf: Princess Highway
Jeans: Jeans West Curve Hugging Skinny Leg Black
Sunglass: Ray Bans Aviators

I only recently got this jacket and I am so in love with it. It was on sale when I purchased it so I am unsure whether or not you will still be able to get this jacket if you are interested in it. Also I could not resist taking a photo in front of a woolie bush! I miss my photo background bush at my parents place!

Of course, this wouldn’t be a post by me without a goofy photo, so queue for a ‘in action’ shot:


Because I can never take myself seriously while trying to pose.

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1 Year Later…

Hey Everyone,

After reading Pastel Sparkles post about removing her contraceptive implant I knew I wanted to make an update regardong my two posts, My life with Endometriosis and 6 Week Check-up. Sarah mentions how little information there is on implants and because mine is different, I felt like it was a good time to talk about my own experiences.

1 year later and it has been a bit of a roller coaster. I quickly got used to the idea of not needing a pill everyday to keep me protected from getting pregnant and helping with my pain levels. It DID take me a bit to get used to the idea of feeling a piece of string inside me during intimate moments.  But alas, I am no longer bothered by the Mirenas presence in my life.

If you have not looked back before reading this post (and I don’t blame you) I have Endometriosis and to help delay the symptoms I had the Mirena IUD (US site) implanted during my most recent surgery. I was made aware of a lot of things before going into the surgery, and decided it was the best thing for me at this moment in my life.

How has it affected me?

Overall, for the better, most days I do not feel pain, which is amazing and I am so thankful for that.

Do I still get my period?

Yes, its similar to how it was while on the pill, but the pain is like before the pill. Painful to the point where I feel sick and don’t want to move. I am still coming to terms with the fact that I have to deal with that pain. I am taking pain meds when needed, but otherwise, yea. 

I have since had a check up and have been encouraged to see a specalist, as being in that much pain during a period while on the Merina is not normal. So I shall report back on that when I have had the chance to experiment.

Did I gain any weight?

Maybe, but I also feel like if I did gain weight, it wasn’t much, as all of my clothes still fit. I do look at myself a bit differently in the mirror though.

Mood swings?

Hell. Yes. But as I have been going through a lot on the last few months, so I do not think I can fully place the blame on the Mirena. No one has outright said something to me, but there have been times where I have apologised to my BF for my wild moods.

How is that libido?

So. Much. Better.


I am happy that I switched to the Mirena, I do not think the Pill was best for me anymore. While I still think that my body is adapting to the Mierna, I am happy with how I feel in general because of it. I am in less pain, feel better as a person and am enjoying not having to take a pill everyday. Although I really wish my period pain wasn’t so intense.

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Japan Holiday 2017

Hey Everyone!

Long time no see, recently I went on a holiday to Japan with my partner! Ironically this is both of our first times going to Japan on a holiday, not my first time to Japan in general though. I wanted to show my partner where I lived and have the chance to catch up with some of my friends! I am always looking for a reason to go back to Japan, so I was glad to go back with my partner.


We were gone a total of 11 days, two being taken up by transit. So naturally, first on the agenda was actually getting to Japan! This was also our first time travelling together, thankfully though we are both seasoned travellers and so the idea of being trapped in a small space for a long period of time wasn’t an issue. Our flight was around 8:30am, hence the crazy expressions.

Day 1 of being in Japan and of course we were eating amazing food! Thankfully through the power of free hotel wi-fi, I had been able to message one of my friends and we caught up and went out for dinner. I always love eating out with him because he always knows the best places to go! The food was both creative and delicious. I don’t remember what the first photo is, but the second is tempura prawns, so delicious, I miss this food.


Todai-ji is a temple in Nara that has a 15m tall Buddha in it and I really thought Sean would get a kick out of seeing it! Plus I knew this would be a great place for photos and a place to get gifts for family and friends. I felt a little weird being back here without my friends. But this photo with Sean more then makes up for it! Candid selfie for the win!!


Train selfie time, Sean and I both agree that the public transport system in Japan is amazing, although Sean hates how many stairs there are, which I can’t blame him for. Riding the train was always a fun experience. The first train we got on Sean was already commenting how many people were staring at us! Thankfully we avoided peak hour, so we were never fully sardined into the train, but while in Tokyo we did get on some pretty busy trains. Sean was fine and it don’t think it bothered him at all which I am thankful for.

One of my favourite comments from Sean is when we visited Shibuya, because he wanted to see the crossing that is so popular in movies. He was incredibly underwhelmed by how small the crossing is, and commented ‘they make it look so big in the movies’. Sorry to ruin your dream dear.

Food, so much delicious food, we only had one mild dud throughout the trip, and even then it was only because we liked other food better! Sean had a great time trying new food (while constantly battling to get a fork) and I loved eating my favourite food. Our favourite dessert is 100% Pablo cheesecake, if you are in Japan you need to try Pablo! Even the mini Pablo’s are delicious. The place we returned to 3-4 times was Torikizuko, which is a kabab place, where everything on the menu is 280 yen (302 yen when you include tax), we always ate to our hearts content and didn’t spend a crazy amount of money.

As for personal souvenirs, Sean bought a some One Piece items and a Dragon Ball Z Art book, I on the other hard, bought a LOT of pen refills for my favourite pen, and a decent amount of ユーリー!!! on Ice (Yuri!!! on Ice) stuff. My favourite items being a calendar and  Yuuri Plush ❤


I already miss Japan and cannot wait to return, it was crazy to think it had been literally 2 years since I had been back. Sean loved it and we both agree that 11 days simply wasn’t enough, so when we return it will be for a lot longer!

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LUSH Soaps – A new experiment

Hey Everyone,

I want to start off first by saying this by no means was my own idea! I came across this, like all great ideas, while browsing the internet. But I loved it so much that I had to do it myself and I thought I would share the idea with you as well!

Personally, I know there I times where I feel like I am just blasting through my LUSH soaps, which honestly discourages me from purchasing them, as they can get expensive. The idea I came across was the cut the blocks into smaller pieces, which hopefully means I can get more uses out of the block. But also means I can change the scent regularly, which I think is a nice bonus. Whether the soaps do last longer or not I will let you know down the track, as I have currently listened these soaps in my Buying and Finishing Products 2017 spread, but I am going to mark down the date I cut these as I plan to use them right away!


Cutting up the blocks was a lot easier then I expected, but that could be because it was a warm day, and the red soap in particular, cut like butter (which was actually a little scary, considering I was using a butchers knife). I don’t have a specific knife in mind to recommend, but I would suggest using an older one that maybe doesn’t get as much love in the kitchen. I know its soap and you can just wash it off, but it still just seems weird to me to use the same knife that you would then cook with!

I cut up all my pieces in various shapes and sizes, some pieces were determined by how big the original piece was. Others are because I got mildly carried away and cut them small. I will be interested to see how long a piece lasts at this size. But I am excited as the idea of working through all these soaps.

If you are curious the soaps I cut up are:
Respect Your Elders
Figs & Leaves
(Don’t know the name of the last one, but it looked like a UK Post box)

I would love to see how you store your soaps! I am a mild collector and would love to see how you store yours!

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17 Project Pan Before 2017

~*~*~ Please check out my New Project Pan!! ~*~*~


Hey Everyone!

As mentioned in this post, I am making a real effort to use my current products, but I want to try and focus on a few products to really monitor my progress. I need to motivate myself to work through what I have and it is always nice to see progress. I have also been really enjoying Pastel Sparkles Project Pan posts, so that is also a motivator to do this. Also strolling through the internet, I saw someone had made a post with a similar title, so why not!

I really want try and have a bit variety, that way I can really work through everything and not feel stuck on one type of product. Also if I use up a product I will replace it with another that is similar, so if I use up a face powder, I’ll put another one in! At the end I will make a total tally which should be exciting.

After going through my collection I have come to the conclusion that I will really be focusing on lip and ‘base’ products, because I am in no way going to put myself through the pain of trying to use up an eyeshadow or blush (I have learnt from you Sarah). This doesn’t bother me though, as there are some items in my collection that really do need to be used up, and now I’m aware of them! So onwards to my 17 items.


NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation
I have had this in my collection for a long time and I just don’t love it like I love some of my other foundations. I find that this is just SO watery and I hate that, recently though while collecting my Beauty Loop box, the assistant told me of a different way of applying it, so I shall see how I go! I know at the moment the bottle doesn’t show how much is left, but there is about 2/3 left to go.

Estee Lauder Perfume – Beautiful
I have had this for a while, and I find that it just doesn’t last on me. That doesn’t change how much I love this scent though, I just feel like it is finally time that I finish it and get it out of my collection. There really isn’t much left so fingers crossed I can finish it! I am just going to say now that I am not suddenly going to start wearing this everyday, how I smell is SO important to me for many different reasons. So I will use this but not everyday!


Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Powder Makeup – 1N1 ECRU 12
Another product that I have just had for ages, in this photo you can sort of see a dip in the product. I have been using this more recently anyway as I have run out of my loose powders, so I am glad that I am already used to the idea of using this. I don’t think this will be hard to use up, but I will be glad when I am finally finished.


MAC Viva Glam Lipstick – Miley Cyrus (Amplified)
I bought this when it came out and I just haven’t used it! I miss wearing such bold colours, and seeing as we are coming into Spring I should have a lot of chances to wear this. This is almost brand new, and I could probably sell it, but I want to try and work through it. Lets see how I go!

MAC Lipstick –  Girl About Town (Amplified) 
One of the first MAC lipsticks I ever bought and I really do love it, its just it’s getting old and I should really finish it and get a new one! I am pretty sure I have 6 items for back-to-mac but adding more wont hurt! I will be getting another one of this shade once I’m finished I’m sure of it.

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick – Rose Tea (Creme)
This is another lipstick that is pretty much brand new, but it is a nice Spring nude so I am sure I will get a lot of love out of this, I tend to favour my Jeffree Star Lippies or my MAC ones, so I really want to use this! One thing that always annoys me though is how strong of a smell these have. It’s not a bad smell, just really strong, thankfully it doesn’t last on the lips.


Buxom Lip Gloss – Zoe
I have used this once since I bought this, so I need to use it up. I will not lie, I bought it because it has my name on it.


Urban Decay Primer Potion – Original
This is obviously not in its original packaging. I got the bigger size because I thought why not, not realising that it had an applicator that I really don’t like. I have had this for a while and simply want to use it up. I did not realise how much was left in this! I think this is going to take longer then I first thought to finish, because of how much is there. Don’t forget to cut open the packaging guys!


Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Sample Lipstick – Make Your Move
I don’t remember when I got this, I think it was in a previous Beauty Loop box, I have nothing against this lipstick, I just want to use it up! It is so small, I shouldn’t have any problems finishing this. I won’t lie, this is mildly in here just so I can at least 100% pat myself on the back for finishing SOMETHING.

NARS Satin Lip Pencil – Rikugien
My sister got this when we went to Sephora in America and signed up for the loyalty system. She isn’t a fan on nude shades so I was lucky enough to get it! I really don’t give my lip pencils much love and so I want to try and do that, so I thought starting with a sample would be a good idea.

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Lipstick – 340 Envious
I bought this around the time these lipsticks were getting lots of hype. I paid $15AUD just for this little guy! Crazy! But I got it because I wanted to try a sample before committing to the full size which was around $55 at the time. This is a beautiful red lipstick so I am sure I will have no problems using it up. I just wanted to give myself a bit more colour choice throughout this project.


Max Factor Lip Liner – 16 Rose
I don’t know how long I have had this, but it is still good to use and a beautiful colour! I simply don’t give enough love to my lip liners and so I want to change that. I am hoping I will get lots of use out of this and will get into the habit of using lip liners.

Face of Australia Lip Definer – Sugar Rose
Well I’m kind of glad I hadn’t used too much of this else I would have no idea what the shade name was! I have used this recently and found I loved pairing this with one of my other lip glosses so that is a win. Another easy shade to wear, I might even repurchase this and other shades if I like the formula.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohn Kajel – 005 Nude
Pretty sure I bought this at one of Priceline’s famous cosmetics sales. I wanted to use it for work and daily life instead of black all the time. I sort of fell off that and so I want to get back into it! I figured this shouldn’t be too hard to use and will let me know if I want to get this again or try a different brand.

Kat Von D Ink Liner – Trooper
A sad story behind  this liner. I never meant to pick it up, I was meant to get the Tattoo Liner, so I want to try and love this for what it is! You might be wondering why it is in this photo, well, its going to be my ‘control’ against the other pencils. Thankfully this wont shrink and so I will be able to see my progress.


Urban Decay Naked Palette
This is the one product I do not aim to COMPLETELY finish up, I want to try and hit pan on this as much as possible! I am even thinking of doing a ‘Naked November’ series where every makeup look I create in November I have to use this palette. That will both help me use it up and challenge myself to be more creative. I have already hit pan on a couple of shades and close to some others. While the darker shades I have barely touched which is something I want to change. Might have picked a bad time seeing as we are coming into warmer weather, but I will make it work!

Last but not least, Lip Balms
I am going to be broad on this, I will focus on mostly one at a time, but I SERIOUSLY need to cull down my lip balm collection, I have at least 5 hidden away that haven’t even been open and I feel a bit ridiculous because of that. I don’t know at this point how many I want to get down to, as I generally have a few floating around, but having 10+ lip balms is just too much! So I will show which one I am working in my next post and we shall see how we go.

That’s it! My 17 Project Pan before 2017. I am really looking forward to this, finishing up products is always a great experience because it means you actually used the product to the end. I am sure there are some products that I am just going to get frustrated over but oh well! When I do I will decide what to do from there.

If you are doing a Project Pan of any kind I would love to see it!

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Me and My Make-up!

Hey Everyone,

Today’s post is going to be about how I am slowly changing and realising how I want to do my makeup. I am getting to a stage in my life where I just want to do my makeup in a style that I truly want to be in.


This is  the first selfie that is in my media file attached to my blog. I can already see things that I do different which is exciting. I used to wear really light eyeshadows, all shimmer, no contour and bold lipsticks. I liked how I looked and I could tell I was learning! I was doing my brows but not really knowing what I was doing (to be honest I still don’t). I was in Japan when I really started to blog which was exciting!


Gosh this is a throwback, over a year ago I did this look and loved it! I must have just received Jeffree Star Cosmetics Weirdo and wanted to play around with dark makeup. I’m also pretty sure I was having a shitty day so that probably encouraged this look as well. This look was the first time I had played with such dark makeup, but I do think this is where it all began. I scared the crap out of my unit mates and my boyfriend showered me in compliments, I also got such positive feedback from this look, which I was thankful for.


Brows = check, Bold lips = check, learning how to blend eyeshadow = kinda check? I am still learning how I want my eyeshadow to look, but I am mostly trying to learn how to blend shadows together, still, I am using reasonably light shadows and colours. I don’t know what drew me to them, but I was using neutrals all the time and always wearing bold lips. I think I didn’t want to wear bold on bold.


To more recent times, I ADORE this makeup look. Blond lips, bold eyes and a wing liner I will probably never be able to recreate. This was the first time I have ever really gone ‘stuff it, I will wear what I want’, I LOVE grunge, not super grunge, but that style in general. So I tried to do what I felt comfortable with, even though I did this look at home and didn’t go out that day, I don’t regret creating it. I need to re-create it and wear it out and about. If you want to see what products I used, I wrote a whole post about it here.


Not the best quality photo, sorry about that, but this is sort of what my daily style has become and I really enjoy it. I love wearing dark shadows and bold lips. I honestly just like bold colours haha! I clearly still haven’t mastered brows but that is ok, I don’t want perfect brows. I know how I like my contour, blush and highlight which is something. I have noticed a bigger change in my style since I died the underside of my hair purple, which I am happy with.

Remember overall, makeup is personal and it is ok to change! I am so happy with how my makeup looks and there is every chance that in 6 months time my style will change again!

The important point that I want to make out of this post is the freedom to change your look and style whenever you want. Everyone is constantly changing how they do their makeup and that is ok! Just remember that at the time you thought you were smashing it!

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6 Week Check-up

Hey Everyone,

I thought that I would just update you all on what is happening since I had my surgery. If you are unsure what I’m talking about, please have a look at this post before continuing with this post.

A lot has happened, but not at the same time.

This post is again, going to get a bit personal, because this is a personal topic.

One thing I do want to mention that re-reading my previous post I did not is the topic of fertility. Endometriosis isn’t proven to make a woman infertile. But in this case I seriously think it does affect a woman’s ability to have children. While I was having my surgery I asked my doctor to test how things are running in that regard. I am pleased to report that I CAN have children. Which I cannot express how thankful I am to hear that news. The sad part though, is that it is most likely that I will need help, which is fine, but still disheartening.

I just wanted to add that in this post because I know that I was FREAKING out about not being able to have children. I am so glad that I now know that I still can and if you are like me and unsure, PLEASE go get checked out. (You might also have the super interesting experiences of peeing BLUE.)

Physical Differences

I am in a lot less pain than I used to be. Which ultimately is what I wanted going into all of this and I am so thankful. I am not totally out of the woods yet though, there are still days where I have huge pain spikes. But overall I am a lot better which I am unbelievably thankful for. I have yet to have a period, which is a little weird. My body has TRIED though, so that is something. If I don’t have another period for the next 5 years I sure wont complain!

All of my scars are healing up really well! I had 3 incisions, one in my belly button, one on my hair line and one to the left of my belly button. The one in my belly button is impossible to find, which is so cool! The one on my hair line is healing perfectly and isn’t raised at all which I am thankful for. The Doctor went through the same whole as last time so I don’t have a new scar which was thoughtful of her. The last one to the left honestly just reminds me of the freckle that I have on the other side of my stomach haha!

Mental Differences

Ok, this is where things get more complicated. I have been going through a rollercoaster of things that I don’t realise until I can reflect on my behaviour. I am sure people around me can probably attest to some of the things I will say but oh well. I am sorry!

The first week, I thought I was fine, I wasn’t. I made silly mistakes at work and was all over the place. I didn’t even know I had made mistakes until they were pointed out to me later. I don’t really make mistakes at work so that was a bit worrying. Also that week I had a Uni Essay due and before surgery I honestly thought I would be fine and I didn’t need extra time or anything. At 1pm the day it was due I practically had a breakdown and had to ask for an extension. This was my first real inclination that I was going through something because of the contraception.

From there I have been  either really ‘down’, my ‘normal’ or really happy. But they all come in extremes. Mostly though, I have been feeling down and I cannot explain it but it’s affecting me in everything I do. As you would have noticed, I haven’t posted many blog posts since then, nor have I been active on my Instagram. I have even been neglecting my fiction writing!!!

I THINK I am getting there, I can feel myself returning to my form of ‘normal’ which I am so thankful for! I want to get back into blogging and talking to everyone within the community. I am super excited for the new Instagram Update, I can’t wait to interact with you all more through that medium. So if you are ever interested in finding out what I actually sound like be sure to stalk me on Instagram!


Overall, I am honestly on the right track. I am working through things, but it’s hard to figure out what is what when I am also stressing about my Masters degree. I am thankfully in less pain, which to me, is the most important thing right now. The pain was effecting my life in ways I didn’t realise now that its gone.

Hopefully I get back into the swing of things and you will see me back in the blogging world soon! I have some things planned so look out for them when they appear!

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I hope to see you next time,