Japan Holiday 2017

Hey Everyone!

Long time no see, recently I went on a holiday to Japan with my partner! Ironically this is both of our first times going to Japan on a holiday, not my first time to Japan in general though. I wanted to show my partner where I lived and have the chance to catch up with some of my friends! I am always looking for a reason to go back to Japan, so I was glad to go back with my partner.


We were gone a total of 11 days, two being taken up by transit. So naturally, first on the agenda was actually getting to Japan! This was also our first time travelling together, thankfully though we are both seasoned travellers and so the idea of being trapped in a small space for a long period of time wasn’t an issue. Our flight was around 8:30am, hence the crazy expressions.

Day 1 of being in Japan and of course we were eating amazing food! Thankfully through the power of free hotel wi-fi, I had been able to message one of my friends and we caught up and went out for dinner. I always love eating out with him because he always knows the best places to go! The food was both creative and delicious. I don’t remember what the first photo is, but the second is tempura prawns, so delicious, I miss this food.


Todai-ji is a temple in Nara that has a 15m tall Buddha in it and I really thought Sean would get a kick out of seeing it! Plus I knew this would be a great place for photos and a place to get gifts for family and friends. I felt a little weird being back here without my friends. But this photo with Sean more then makes up for it! Candid selfie for the win!!


Train selfie time, Sean and I both agree that the public transport system in Japan is amazing, although Sean hates how many stairs there are, which I can’t blame him for. Riding the train was always a fun experience. The first train we got on Sean was already commenting how many people were staring at us! Thankfully we avoided peak hour, so we were never fully sardined into the train, but while in Tokyo we did get on some pretty busy trains. Sean was fine and it don’t think it bothered him at all which I am thankful for.

One of my favourite comments from Sean is when we visited Shibuya, because he wanted to see the crossing that is so popular in movies. He was incredibly underwhelmed by how small the crossing is, and commented ‘they make it look so big in the movies’. Sorry to ruin your dream dear.

Food, so much delicious food, we only had one mild dud throughout the trip, and even then it was only because we liked other food better! Sean had a great time trying new food (while constantly battling to get a fork) and I loved eating my favourite food. Our favourite dessert is 100% Pablo cheesecake, if you are in Japan you need to try Pablo! Even the mini Pablo’s are delicious. The place we returned to 3-4 times was Torikizuko, which is a kabab place, where everything on the menu is 280 yen (302 yen when you include tax), we always ate to our hearts content and didn’t spend a crazy amount of money.

As for personal souvenirs, Sean bought a some One Piece items and a Dragon Ball Z Art book, I on the other hard, bought a LOT of pen refills for my favourite pen, and a decent amount of ユーリー!!! on Ice (Yuri!!! on Ice) stuff. My favourite items being a calendar and  Yuuri Plush ❤


I already miss Japan and cannot wait to return, it was crazy to think it had been literally 2 years since I had been back. Sean loved it and we both agree that 11 days simply wasn’t enough, so when we return it will be for a lot longer!

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